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Expand, &

Broadlawns Medical Center is vital to the residents of Polk County.  

As a Trustee, Shaimaa will work to elevate the level of service provided, expand healthcare services across Polk County, and engage with our community to ensure their healthcare needs are being met.

We all do better, 

when we all do better.

- Paul Wellstone

Elevate Patient Care

Today's Broadlawns is providing everyone in Polk County high-quality patient care, regardless of social or economic standing. Shaimaa wants to protect the funding of services available at Broadlawns and continue to improve its facilities.

Expand Across Polk County

Broadlawns provides healthcare services across Polk County, not just Des Moines. Shaimaa will work with Broadlawns leadership to expand its physicial and online presence in the county, while also broadening the types of treatments offered.    

Engage With The Community

Trustees are elected representatives of the people. Shaimaa will listen to the people to determine their needs and expectations of Broadlawns. She will work hard with the staff to ensure those needs are met.

Meet Shaimaa Aly

Recognized in 2021 by the Des Moines Business Record as one of the 40 people most impactful people under 40 in our community,  Shaimaa (pronounced "Shy - Ma") is committed to volunteering and elevating the voices of those people in Polk County that are maginalized and in need of help.  

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Thank you for your support. We did it!

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